Diversified Upgrade Zone

  • NameKuo-Chen Hung (Director)
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2220
  • Responsibilities:Supervision of personnel affairs.
  • NameHsiu-Chen Huang (Section Chief)
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2225
  • Responsibilities:Faculty Promotion,Distinguished Employment,Faculty Appeal,Re-Appeal,Faculty Evaluation Committee,Faculty Academic Ethics.
  • NameEing-Ling Lee
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2221
  • Responsibilities:Contracted Salary,Retirement and Pension、Retirement & Compensation Fund,Personnel Quota,Teacher-Pupil Ratio,Personnel Cost Analysis,Organization,Year-end Bonuses,Extension of Service,Second Generation National Health Insurance.
  • NameCheng-Yu Chiang
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2222
  • Responsibilities:Take Office,Resignation,Position Retained without Pay,Management and Labor Council,Work Permit for Foreign Worker,Teachers conduct industry studies or research
  • NameTsai, Ya-Ju
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2223
  • Responsibilities
  • NameYu-Ting Hsu
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2226
  • Responsibilities:Training,Faculty and Staff Recruitment.
  • NameYi-Ling Jhao
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2239
  • Responsibilities:Attendance Management,part-time teacher Recruitment,Jointly-Appointed,Temporary Transfer,Employment Certificate.
  • NameWei-Ting Chou
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2260
  • Responsibilities:Insurance,Group Insurance、National Health Insurance (NHI),
    Making Business Card, Employee's Card, Staff's Chop,Benefit Application(Children Education Subsidy,Wedding Subsidy,Childbirth Subsidy,Death Subsidy,Maternity Benefits…),Unit property inventory.
  • NameHsiao-Jung Chen
  • Office phone number04-26318652#2223
  • Responsibilities:Part-time Teaching,Part-time Job,Advanced Study,Sabbatical Leave,Certificate,Staff’s Promotion,Cash Reward for Service Medal,Performance Appraisal,Rewards and Punishments,Staff’s Appeal
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